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Old World Charm

Whether its called "Old World," "Tuscan," or even "French Country," this kitchen exudes a warm and inviting feel. By applying a light glaze to the cabinetry, the new kitchen takes on an appearance of having been there for quite some time. The selection of a copper hood adds to the antique appeal.


Old World Charm

Relocating a wall separating the kitchen and dining room by only 18" allowed for a large peninsula with seating to replace a former table. An existing window was also re-sized to allow the peninsula to have its top at 36" instead of 30" as was the case with the table it replaced. In this way, it doubles as both a dining area and kitchen work zone.

Location: Mt. Lebanon, PA
Cabinet Details: Inset construction, Raised panel doors
Wood Species: Poplar
Finish: Perimeter-- Pigmented lacquer in Sherwin Williams White Down, Island—Sherwin Williams Tree Moss
Countertops: Granite

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