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Upscale Craftsman

The homeowners were fans of the traditional craftsman style, and wanted to employ this in their kitchen. To bring this feel to life, quartersawn white oak with an inset door style was a must. But, to avoid boredom in the look, a few upscale features were added - mini center stiles in the top panels of the doors, a linear crown detail, and strong-looking corner columns at the island.


Upscale Craftsman

The narrow pantry maximizes use of space by employing pull-out shelving units that are accessed from the side. While only 15" across, the full 26" depth of storage is easily accessible.

Location: Elizabeth, PA
Cabinet Details: Inset construction, Inset flat panel doors
Wood Species: Quartersawn white oak
Finish: Cinnamon stain with flat lacquer top-coat
Countertops: Granite

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