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"So, why would I hire a woodworking company to do my bathroom?" It's certainly a valid question if considering just our company name. But, looking beneath the surface of the name, you will find a company very well equipped to handle the design demands of today's bathrooms. Furthermore, our skilled remodelers can handle all of the aspects of a bath remodel just as they do with kitchens. That is how we came to also specialize in bath remodels — the same process that occurs in a kitchen remodel also takes place in the bath. There just is a different emphasis. While kitchens certainly showcase the cabinetry, baths often showcase the tile work. And, we excel at both!



Of course the vanity and other cabinetry will be customized to fit the space, and of true furniture-quality. But, Brogna Designs bathrooms also feature the best designs to maximize use of the space. And, the tile-work will be precise, the lighting just right, and the plumbing fixtures perfectly matched to your lifestyle.